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Have you been RECONCILED  to God? Do you even need to be RECONCILED to God?  Let’s find out.  Have you ever taken God’s Holy Name in vain, lied, stolen (even if it was something small a long time ago), lusted, or been angry with someone?  My guess is that you have done at least a couple, and most likely all of these.  This is God’s standard for entrance into Heaven.  Unless you have perfectly kept His standard, then you need to be RECONCILED. We all descend from Adam, the first man.  He was our representative in the Garden of Eden, and he failed.  Because of this failure, you and I inherited Adam’s SIN NATURE.  We don’t do the things that please God; we are rebels who want our own way.  We have a death sentence, because the BIBLE says all have sinned, and that the penalty for sin is DEATH.  Many think this to be a little harsh for a few minor mistakes, but we need to see God and His standard as they really are, HOLY HOLY HOLY.  God cannot allow sin in His perfect presence.  Our rebellion keeps us from being in a right relationship with Him.   Nothing but terrible news so far, but remember that word RECONCILED?  You can be RECONCILED back to God because of another Representative, JESUS CHRIST, the Son of God, the Second Adam.  Jesus succeeded every time you failed.  He obeyed every time you sinned.  Jesus Christ RECONCILES all who TRUST IN HIM ALONE and REPENT (turn from your sins).  Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, died the death that you and I deserve on the CROSS, was buried, and rose on the THIRD DAY.  When you REPENT and BELIEVE the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST, you are not only FORGIVEN of every sin you’ve ever committed but you are also credited with the perfect obedience of CHRIST.  That is the GOSPEL, the Good News of Christ RECONCILING sinful man to Holy God.  You never know which breath will be your last.  Trust Him Alone today!

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